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Pointcorp is a boutique Queensland based property Development Company which specialises in A-Grade residential, mixed residential, and land developments. With an uncompromising attitude to both quality and design, Pointcorp is quickly becoming synonymous with cutting edge designs and innovation in the property development market. Pointcorp’s philosophy is to ensure quality in all things; this includes location, architecture, construction and investment value.

Pointcorp has established a reputation for identifying new areas of opportunity and creating properties to meet the markets and raise the bar for those areas. Chris Vitale and Paul Gedoun are Managing Directors since establishment of the company and continue to direct and manage the company's activities today.

Pointcorp is well capitalised to deliver a wide range of projects along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, drawing on the expertise from industry leading consultants including town planners, architects, development and project managers, sales and marketing professionals and finance experts